Thursday, May 18, 1972

Protests Ouster Of UPI Man

NEW YORK (UPI) --Roderick W. Beaton, president of United Press International, cabled a protest to the royal Thai government Tuesday over its decision to expel the UPI manager for Thailand, Leon Daniel.

Beaton, in a message addressed to Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, chairman of the National Executive Council, said UPI has "every confidence" in Daniel and asked for an opportunity to answer the "specific charges" against him.

Daniel who is in Bangkok, was declared persona non grata Saturday and directed to leave the country within 48 hours. Thai officials later agreed to let him remain until May 21.

The order alleged only that Daniel wrote stories detrimental to Thailand. There have been unconfirmed news reports that the government believed Daniel had violated Thai military secrecy in his dispatches but Daniel and UPI denied this.

"United Press International vigorously protests the royal government's decision to declare Leon Daniel persona non grata," Beaton said. "Mr. Daniel's record for accuracy and his dedication to the journalistic profession is outstanding and we have every confidence in him as a representative of UPI.

"We respectfully request that we be permitted to discuss the specific charges your government considers Mr. Daniel guilty of."

"We feel that this is imperative in order that this action, which involves basic press freedom, be reversed."

"Protests Ouster of UPI Man", by (UPI), published in the Pacific Stars and Stripes Thursday, May 18, 1972 and reprinted from European and Pacific Stars and Stripes, a Department of Defense publication copyright, 2002 European and Pacific Stars and Stripes.
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